Cosmetic Dental Restoration

Cosmetic Restorations with Dr. Mazhari Can Effectively Address Issues Which Keep Your Smile from Looking Its Best

But our Alexandria dental patients have questions….

Which cosmetic dental treatment plan is right for me?

When patients work with Dr. Mazhari, they will be presented with treatments options best suited for your smile and overall oral health goals. Dr. Mazhari’s extensive experience as an Alexandria cosmetic dentist gives her a unique position to tailor treatment plans for each patient. Your smile is for a lifetime and it should always look it’s best.

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Dr. Mazhari welcomes new patients to our Alexandria, VA cosmetic dentist office and can help you to achieve the smile you want with individualized dental treatment plans. To schedule a consultation and discuss your concerns and goals, contact our office at (703) 215 – 9945 or use our online request form and we will contact you shortly.