Cost of Dental Implants

How Much do Dental Implants in Alexandria Cost?

Dental implants are permanent, easy to take care of, and they look and function just like natural teeth, but you might think implants are just too expensive; maybe you have not even looked into the cost thoroughly and have just assumed implants are out of your price range. Although it’s true that all types of dental implants have a higher up-front cost than dentures or other options like fixed bridges, many people don’t fully consider the ongoing costs of dentures or a fixed dental bridge, when compared to the the long-term value and cost-savings of dental implants. When you add up the costs over a lifetime, you might be surprised to discover that dental implants could actually be very price competitive, and a stronger value, as the “cheaper” options.

What Do Dentures Really Cost?

The cost of dentures includes preliminary work for fitting, as well as adjustments after you get your dentures. Because dentures are not designed to last a lifetime, they will likely need to be replaced a few times in your life. But the biggest cost of having dentures is the money spent on denture cleansers and adhesives. Denture adhesive can be expensive, and most denture wearers consider adhesive to be a necessity. Denture wearers may spend much more on adhesives than people with natural teeth spend on toothpaste. Add to that the cost of denture cleansing tablets, special denture brushes and cups to soak dentures in, and the actual cost of dentures over a lifetime can be quite high.

The Hidden Costs of a “Permanent” Dental Bridge

A dental bridge could be called a semi-permanent solution for a few missing teeth. The dental work required for placement of a bridge involves preparing the teeth around the gap. The bridge must be fitted, designed in a lab and then placed and cemented in place. If there are any problems with the bridge, an office visit is required. And bridges are not designed to last a lifetime, in fact, they generally only last about 10 years. Over the years, the costs of having a dental bridge can add up.

The Lifetime Value of Dental Implants

Because getting implants involves surgery as well as several dental appointments over a period of months, the initial cost of implants is higher than other methods of tooth replacement. Many people can be surprised when getting a quote for the cost of dental implants, but implants are the only method of tooth replacement than can last a lifetime, and consider the value of a healthy looking, confident smile for your lifetime.  

Paying for Dental Implants

If the upfront cost of dental implants still seems unaffordable, Dr. Mazhari and her team can help to find payment options best suited to your budget. We offer financing options, which included interest free options, with Care Credit. Care Credit can help patients with paying out of pocket health costs, offering low-interest and no-interest financing plans. Dr. Mazhari also can offer some in-house payments options, so we encourage you to discuss them with her during your initial consultation.

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