Root Canal Alexandria VA

Our effective and pain-free root canal treatment can preserve your natural teeth, remove infection & prolong longevity of teeth. All help to avoid the loss of the natural tooth .

A root canal has become an important dental treatment for maintaining the integrity of your smile by saving your natural tooth. The procedure has developed in recent years and is typically no more painful or uncomfortable than a dental filling.

Dr. Mazhari offers root canal therapy in our Arlington VA area dentist office to treat a range of dental problems and avoid the more complex concerns after a tooth extraction. If problems are left untreated, an extraction may be necessary which will result in needing a costly dental implant. You may need a root canal if you experience any of the following symptoms:

  • Sudden toothache or pain
  • Change in the color of the tooth
  • Changes in sensitivity to temperature

Root Canals: What To Expect

Dr. Mazhari will explain all aspects of the root canal procedure prior to treatment to ease your anxiety. We offer sedation dentistry for patients with a fear of the dentist or who desire to be completely relaxed with no memory afterwards. In most cases, a local anesthetic is sufficient to keep you comfortable during the process.

Your procedure will begin with the creation of a small opening in the back of the tooth for access to the inner pulp chamber and the source of infection and pain. Dr. Mazhari will remove the infected tissue and clean the area before filling with a biocompatible material that will prevent future infection and support the inner structure of the tooth. Most patients feel an immediate relief from pressure and discomfort one this part of the process is complete and the infection is removed.

In most cases, Dr. Mazhari will recommend the placement of a dental crown to improve the integrity of the tooth and support a long lasting result.