Invisalign® Outcome Simulator

With the Latest in Digital Imaging Technology, See What Your Straighter Smile Can Look Like with Our Invisalign Outcome Simulator.

 At Alexandria Dental Health & Smile Studio, we know deciding on the right form of treatment for your smile is important. If you’re considering Invisalign for either you or your teenager, you can actually see your results with our in-office digital scanning technology.

We use iTero scanners to show patients what their teeth could like with Invisalign treatment. iTero is a digital scanner that receives images from a camera, which rapidly transfers images of the patient’s mouth onto a computer screen.

Invisalign Outcome Simulator


You won’t have to wait until after your Invisalign treatment is over to see the results. Find out what your teeth could look like after Invisalign on the computer right at our office in just minutes.

For example, if you have crowding or an overbite, you can immediately see how Invisalign can improve that. You’ll also be able to see and understand why having issues such as crowded teeth can make your smile more difficult to clean, and can even impact gum health.

Once you see how your teeth are supposed to look with our Invisalign outcome simulator through iTero technology, you can better decide if Invisalign is the right treatment option for you.

This technology and information not only empowers patients to make the best choice for them in regards to their cosmetic or orthodontic concerns, but also to actually see their new smile before deciding.

Want to see what your teeth could look like with Invisalign? Schedule a consultation with us at Alexandria Dental Health & Smile Studio.

 If you’re trying to decide if Invisalign could be the right choice for your teeth, give us a call at Alexandria Dental Health & Smile Studio. We can take digital images during your consultation so you can see the end result without deciding right away on Invisalign. Contact us today at (703) 215-9945!