Single Implant

A Dental Implant Can Provide a Natural Looking Long-term Solution for a Missing Tooth

When you lose a tooth, or when a tooth becomes infected or damaged, you have different treatment options, but you want the option that will provide you with a health natural looking smile. When just one tooth needs to be replaced, you may consider temporary options or even consider not having it replaced at all, however, without replacement, a missing tooth leaves a gap that can cause trouble over time for your bite, teeth alignment and overall oral health, even if it’s in the back of the mouth where it can’t be seen. And while options such as a dental bridge are secure, a dental implant is a solution that offers permanent replacement and helps to maintain bone structure.

Why You Shouldn’t Put Off Replacing a Damaged or Lost Tooth

When you lose a major tooth, you can compare the impact on your mouth to a block being removed from the foundation of a building. When one significant piece of a foundation is removed, the entire structure can gradually start to shift. This happens to your teeth because when a tooth is gone, the bone underneath, where the root used to be, in your jaw starts to resorp. This makes the teeth on either side of the gap slowly shift, often inward towards the gap. Filling the gap with a single dental implant prevents that shifting and keeps your teeth in better alignment.  

The stability and bone structure issue is effectively addressed by a dental implant, as it replaces the root of the tooth. A tooth root is held in position by your jaw bones, so when that root is gone, the bones begin to atrophy or diminish.  

An Implant is the Closest Thing to a Natural Tooth

The tooth, or crown, of a dental implant is made of dental materials that are natural looking and sturdy. Because dental implants are permanent, you take care of them by brushing and flossing regularly as if they are your own teeth. The root of the implant is titanium and will fuse to your jaw, becoming a permanent part of your smile.

Is a Single Dental Implant Right for You? Contact Dr. Mazhari for Your Dental Implant Evaluation

There are a few circumstances that may impact your candidacy for a dental implant, such as certain diseases, like diabetes, smokers or people who have lost too much of the natural bone in their jaw. Dr. Mazhari can provide a consultation and examination to discuss your teeth and goals for your smile, and will share what a dental implant can do to restore that missing tooth and help you to regain your confidence to smile.